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Welcome to MTA Online! If your township has already purchased an MTA Online Annual Subscription package, read on for details on how to start learning! 

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Getting Started with your MTA Online subscription package

All township officials and team members who had an email address on file with MTA at the time of your enrollment will be automatically subscribed and an email confirmation sent to the address on file. (See below for details on requesting accounts for new users at your township.)

Your login for this site is now the same email address and password used for your MTA member website access. Once you are logged in, click on MY WEBCASTS in the navigation bar to see the webcasts included in your package.

Click the name of the webcast you wish to view. From here you can download the presentation and other materials on the "Handouts" tab, see MTA publications and other resources on related topics on the "Resources" tab, or navigate to the "Content" tab and click the first segment to begin (click the green "View" to begin the first video).

We strongly recommend running a self-test on your computer before attempting to view your first webcast. Visit our Getting Started page to see additional information on system requirements.

Adding New Users
Remember, your MTA Online subscription includes access not only for elected officials, but also for deputies, members of boards and commissions, township staff and even volunteers! Additional users who were not included in your initial roster may be added at any time. Each individual must have a unique email address that is not shared with another user. 

To add a new user, simply follow the instructions available here for adding or updating users. Once your roster is updated, email to let us know, and we'll grant access to any new or updated users. Please note: Although new users added later in the year may see a later expiration date listed in their account or for specific webcasts, all individuals from your township will be subject to the original renewal/expiration date set by the township's subscription purchase date.

Bonus Content & Classes
New courses or additional content may be added throughout the year for Premium and Plus level subscriptions but is not guaranteed; details will be emailed to subscription holders when available. Premium Pass subscription holders will get automatic access to recorded versions of MTA New Officials Training, Treasurer's Guide to Tax Collection and Board of Review Training from April through June, 2021.


Each subscription level includes a specific set of webcast courses, with access available for individuals affiliated with that specific member township. Additional courses may be added but are not guaranteed. To access courses not included at your subscription level, you may purchase them individually, or upgrade your subscription (contact MTA for details). Each user account must have a unique email address and password, as well as required contact information, in order to access the subscription. Some courses may be limited to a specific window of time. MTA Online subscriptions do not include access to, or registration for, any live or in-person classes or workshops unless specified in writing by MTA. You may not use your township's subscription to provide access to another person who is not affiliated with your township. See terms & conditions for additional details.

As always, we encourage you to reach out should you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, either now or further along your learning journey! Contact us by phone at (517) 321-6467 or email

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What's included in your Premium Pass

This "All You Can Learn" subscription includes year-round access to every title in our Essentials and Plus packages (described below) as well as dozens of additional titles, including all of our "master level" Township Governance Academy courses. (Only two in-person courses are needed to complete the required TGA course curriculumLearn more here.)

Get access to ALL titles listed in Essentials & Plus packages, as well as Premium-only titles, including:

  • American Rescue Plan Act: Who’s Spending Money on What? 
  • At Your Service: Meeting Township Needs                           
  • Board Authorities, Responsibilities and Roles
  • Board Roles & Relations
  • Bringing Broadband into Your Community
  • Broadband: The Middle-Mile & Your Township  
  • Creating a Vision for Your Township
  • Effective Communication Strategies
  • Elections Tips & Fundamentals
  • Emerging Issues in Planning & Zoning
  • Financial Fundamentals and Insights
  • Fundamentals of Assessment & Taxation 
  • How Boards Make Decisions
  • Innovating Your Township: How-to Methods and Legal Information for Leaders   
  • Land Use: Defining Your Township’s Future
  • Linking with the Community 
  • Making Meetings Work More Effectively
  • Managing Expectations: A Positive, Pain-Free Audit   
  • Managing Your Township Team 
  • No One Left Inside 
  • Nuances of the Right to Farm Act
  • Policies Matter: Top 3 Policies Your Township Needs to Succeed 
  • Payroll Questions? We’ve Got Answers!  
  • Roles & Functions of the ZBA
  • Sandbox Etiquette  
  • Show Me the Money! Grant Writing Tips
  • Solar Energy Facilities
  • Tools of Engagement: Township Websites & Social Media 
  • Top Topics for Today’s Townships 
  • Top Township Legal Pitfalls
  • Township Public Safety Services: So Many Options!  
  • Township Finances 
  • Urban Cooperation 
  • Utilizing Strategic Planning
  • What the Board Needs to Know about Assessing What the Board Needs to Know about Corrective Action Plans 
  • What Townships Need to Know about Grants 
  • You Paid What for What?

Additional courses recently added or updated:

  • A Leader Worth Following 
  • Beyond the Conflict: Building a Better Board with Consensus
  • Cemetery Management
  • Keep Calm and Carry On
  • Providing a Safe Township Workplace
  • Road Relations: Stay in Your Lane 
  • The Pursuit of Great Township Governance 
  • The Township Board Has One Voice, How Does it Sound?
  • What Your Township Needs to Prepare for Solar
  • What Every Township Needs to Know about Investments
Also includes access to MTA's Now You Know webinar series, including past and future episodes. Past topics include:
  • Budgeting... It's a Process
  • Board Compensation
  • FOIA: What's all the Fuss?
  • OMA is Here to Stay
  • What the Board Needs to Know about Planning & Zoning
  • Taking Township Minutes
  • My Deputy & Me
  • What the Board Needs to Know about Elections
  • What the Board Needs to Know about Tax Collection
  • Meeting Management: What to do When Things Change
  • Why You Need a Township Attorney
  • Drafting Ordinances
  • Adopting Ordinances
  • Assessing Your Assessing
  • Successful Ordinance Enforcement Strategies
  • What You Need to Know about the Tax Rate Request Form (L-4029)
  • Role of the Zoning Administrator
  • Tax Collection & Your Township
  • Planning for a Millage Question
  • Special Assessments for Public Safety 
  • Township Employee Volunteer or Independent Contractor?
  • Meeting Requirements
  • Who Can Talk to the Township Attorney... and When
  • Spending Public Money
  • And more!

What's Included: Essentials & Plus levels

Plus Package

Get access to all titles listed in the Essentials Package, plus a dozen more classes that take your township in-depth on additional services some townships provide. Titles included are: 

  • Accounting & Payroll (4-part series)
  • Anatomy of a Township
  • Building a Better Budget – Basic or Advanced (4-part series)
  • Cemetery Management (3-part series)
  • Effectively Exercising Board Authority (2-part series)
  • Elections Update (April 2023)
  • Emerging Issues in P&Z (5 segments, including Hot Topics in Planning & Zoning, Preparing for Solar Energy, Mining Operations & Short-Term Rental, Intro. to Wind & Solar Energy and Utility-Scale Solar Energy)
  • Ethical Considerations
  • Exploring Township Revenue Sources 
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Governing an Accountable Fire Department 
  • Introduction to Planning & Zoning (4-part series)      
  • Making the Most of Your Meetings
  • Meeting Misconceptions 
  • Nuances of the Right to Farm Act
  • Ordinance (4 segments)
  • Introduction to Township Ordinances
  • Ordinance Enforcement
  • Understanding/Enhancing Your Ordinances
  • Ins & Outs of Township Ordinances
  • Roles & Functions of the ZBA (3-part series)
  • Providing a Safe Township Workplace
  • Secrets to Great Board Meetings 
  • Spending Public Money
  • Special Assessment Procedures 
  • Taxation Trouble Spots 
  • What the Board Needs to Know about Planning & Zoning
  • Who Gets Paid What … and How? 

Essentials Package

Offers access to 18 "essential" courses, featuring topics designed for all board members and required knowledge for all townships. Titles include:

  • Accounting & Payroll (4-part series) 
  • Anatomy of a Township 
  • Building a Better Budget (4-part series) - Basic & Advanced versions
  • Effectively Exercising Board Authority (2-part series) 
  • Elections Update (April 2023) 
  • Ethical Considerations 
  • Exploring Township Revenue Sources  
  • Fraud Prevention 
  • Making the Most of Your Meetings 
  • Meeting Misconceptions  
  • Nuances of the Right to Farm Act 
  • Providing a Safe Township Workplace 
  • Secrets to Great Board Meetings  
  • Spending Public Money 
  • Special Assessment Procedures  
  • Taxation Trouble Spots  
  • What the Board Needs to Know about Planning & Zoning 
  • Who Gets Paid What … and How?