B-106: Linking With Your Community (3-part series; valid for 4 credits)

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Enhancing credibility in the public eye begins with your township board. Examine ways of being more open and transparent to the community— a valuable exercise to increase trust at the local level. Explore ways of determining what your constituents want and how to keep them informed about your township’s activities. Includes a discussion on cultivating emerging leaders in your community.

This webcast includes three segments, which can be viewed separately for your convenience. TGA candidates must view ALL segments and complete a PAC form as well as the course quiz (after part 3) to receive credit.

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Susan Radwan


Susan Radwan, CAE, Leading Edge Mentoring, Grand Ledge

Susan is a governance and leadership consultant who focuses on facilitating an authentic leadership process, resulting in accountability in leadership and governance. She is a regular presenter at MTA functions and served as the primary consultant for the development of the Township Governance Academy.

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