Board Authorities, Responsibilities & Roles

This two-part course was designed as the second step in MTA's New Officials Training path, but offers knowledge and skills applicable for both new and seasoned board members! Topics covered include:

Part 1: Board Authorities & Responsibilities

This session covers aspects of township government that all township officials should know to successfully carry out their statutory and governing responsibilities. Every board member has equal authority and responsibility at the head table. So even if you’re not newly elected, we invite you to join us for this review of your township board “job description,” offering a deep dive into the key areas where you and your board exercise important policy decisions and practical tips on keeping a productive focus on what matters most.
Presenter: Catherine Mullhaupt, MTA Staff Attorney

Part 2: Board Roles: Who Does What?

Gain insights into who does what and how the township team works together to get it all done. State law assigns each elected official specific duties and responsibilities, and sets forth rules and guidelines. But there are many routine actions and decisions not governed by statute. Who sets the board agenda? Who is appointed Freedom of Information Act coordinator? What about the website, township security, and all those other duties? Gain insights into managing the day-today operations, including handling public funds and financial reporting.
Presenter: Cindy Dodge, MTA Member Information Services Liaison

Cindy Dodge

MTA Member Information Liaison

Michigan Townships Association

MTA Member Information Liaison Cindy Dodge joined MTA in 2006 from Williamstown Township in Ingham County where she served as Clerk since 2005. She has been involved with the township since 2003 as assistant to the supervisor, planning commissioner, and assistant to the planning commission. She is currently a Michigan Certified Assessing Officer. Via phone, fax and e-mail, Cindy provides township officials and employees with information and resources regarding the day-to-day functions of township government. She is also the Association liaison for MTA county chapters, develops MIS Department resource materials, and presents workshop and Conference sessions as well as teaching live and recorded webinar courses.

Catherine Mullhaupt

Staff Attorney, Member Information Services

Catherine provides township officials and employees with information and resources regarding the day-to-day functions of township government. She writes for the "Hello, MTA...?" and Legal Briefs columns, and other articles in the Michigan Township Focus, develops MIS Department resource materials and webpages, authors MTA publications, and presents workshop and conference sessions, as well as live and recorded online courses.

She joined MTA in 1991, spending her first nine years in MTA's Education Department writing and editing articles for the Township Focus and MTA publications. She coordinated educational workshops and the annual MTA trade show, and assisted in coordinating the annual MTA educational conference. 

She was admitted to the State Bar of Michigan in 2006 and is currently the MTA Staff Attorney.

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