Emerging Issues in Emergency Services (2022)

Providing emergency and fire protection services for your community may be one of the more complicated (and critical!) services your township provides. MTA can help you get a handle on the hot issues facing your fire department and emergency services personnel. Township board members and fire officials alike will benefit from this multi-part program, designed to offer both an update and a better understanding of current challenges. 

You’ll hear from a variety of experts—including State Fire Marshal Kevin Sehlmeyer—on hot topics like the new Fire Fighter Training Council General Rules which include required continuing education training for all fire department members, insights into recruitment and retention and more! Experts in situational awareness will review indicators that will help you identify violent behavior, offer de-escalation techniques and prepare you to react appropriately to minimize the devastation in your community. 

Then we’ll bring it home by examining the toll trauma has on department members’ well-being and what townships can do about it. Exposure to adrenaline and trauma can negatively affect a responder’s safety, decision-making and ability to remain ethically solid. Learn to recognize the warning signs for chronic and posttraumatic stress and take away techniques for managing the cumulative stress. We’ll also explore wellness strategies like peer support teams and other methods of support you can provide to help rescue your rescuers!

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