Now You Know - What the Board Needs to Know About Elections

Recorded On: 10/01/2021

What the Board Needs to Know About Elections

Townships may vary dramatically in size and location, but all have elections in common. Every township runs elections. With all the controversy, mistrust and sweeping requirements still fresh in our minds, we look ahead to November’s general election with a primer on elections geared for your entire township board. From board responsibilities to resources, we’ll help you get a handle on the impact elections have on your township.

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Cindy Dodge

MTA Member Information Liaison

Michigan Townships Association

MTA Member Information Liaison Cindy Dodge joined MTA in 2006 from Williamstown Township in Ingham County where she served as Clerk since 2005. She has been involved with the township since 2003 as assistant to the supervisor, planning commissioner, and assistant to the planning commission. She is currently a Michigan Certified Assessing Officer. Via phone, fax and e-mail, Cindy provides township officials and employees with information and resources regarding the day-to-day functions of township government. She is also the Association liaison for MTA county chapters, develops MIS Department resource materials, and presents workshop and Conference sessions as well as teaching live and recorded webinar courses.

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