The Township Board Has One Voice, How Does it Sound?

Every member on the township board has the same power … one vote. A majority of those votes becomes the decision—and voice—of the board. Explore the importance, and power, of your board speaking with one voice and walk away with tips to ensure your board’s voice is loud and clear, instead of quiet and muffled.

Speaker: Mike Selden, MTA Director of Member Information Services

Michael Selden

Director of Member Information Services

Michael Selden is MTA's director of Member Information Services. As director, he supervises the development and delivery of Association member information programs and services.

Before joining MTA in November 2015, Selden served as the city manager of Wayland, Mich., for three years. In that role, he prepared and managed the city budget, supervised 22 employees, oversaw multiple city departments and served as liaison to numerous boards and commissions. Selden also served as the city manager of Bangor, Mich., from 2007-2012. He holds a master’s in public administration from the University of Michigan—Flint, where he also earned a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.

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